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IBM and Esri business partners

Full Extent helps you to do more with maps

Discover and interact with your documents using a map interface

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Publishing maps has never been easier. We’ll show you how

Do More With Maps

Full Extent gives you a different way of thinking about how to find and manage information. We put your documents on the map!

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We do this by analysing the content of any unstructured document – PDF’s, web pages, Word docs, whatever – finding references to places and then making it easy for non-technical users to place document links onto an online map so that people can find information according to where, as well as what, it relates to! It’s simple and easy to Do More With Maps!

Expand your existing mapping capabilities

Creating maps is only part of the story. At Full Extent we want maps to be accessible, discoverable, and more importantly, used by the entire organisation.

Unlock your current maps and spatial datasets and mobilise them throughout your organisation. We do more with your existing infrastructure by allowing content publishers to integrate maps into websites and corporate intranets. Our solutions will bring mapping capabilities within reach of your entire organisation.

IBM and ESRI Drupal and OpenGIS

Bring mapping to your organisation

Full Extent brings immersive user interaction that personalises content accessiblity.

By allowing your audience to discover content through a map, you create a first person conversation with your user and allow them to discover information in an individual way. Combine our products to quickly and easily augment and re-purposed your own existing content with maps.

Text-to-map Spatial Search Engine