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Integrating platforms is a complex task at the best of times, but tier 1 platforms like IBM Portal and ESRI GIS usually take extra time and effort. At Full Extent we believe that your investment should give you more from the word go. By including our Geo-publisher into your existing IBM implementation you are able to easily integrate spatial assets within your portal publishing process with no development.

Mobilise your existing mapping assets as content throughout your portal and offer your users an immersive experience with little effort. The Full Extent Geo-publisher allows content managers to simply an easily use your ESRI spatial assets through a self service interface. Automatically creating map content that can be simply integrated within your current publishing processes.

Geo-publisher also allows content publishers to aggregate both internal and external mapping services to create purpose built maps that will enrich your current website or intranet. Deployed as IBM WCM Library, the 5 Minute installation has your content publishers up and running in time.

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