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An increasing proportion of our daily news is consumed online and we want more than just words and pictures. Online news needs to be compelling and interactive, even more so as the advent of paywalls creates the demand for more valuable content: media publishers need to deliver. Many online articles feature an interactive map, hand-crafted to illustrate the topic or themes in its text. For publishers this can be time-consuming and often, as the end result has a short shelf-life and is not reusable, costly to produce and maintain. For readers, the associated value is limited.

As readers we want our news delivered as it relates to us, and not just how the news website or app chooses to present it. A resident of Sydney’s Manly and of Melbourne’s St Kilda may both want to follow the progress of a general election, but each wants articles presented from their own perspective. The online publication that can tailor its delivery of news to individual readers is more likely to build and retain its online audience. Announcing: “Full Extent Media Mapping”.

Imagine reading content from your favourite newspaper, online media, digital feed or subscription, not in the traditional page-by-page or article-by article mode, but through a dynamic and expandable map that leverages all of the publisher’s available resources. Click on a particular area, qualify your request with, say, “electoral boundaries”, “demographics”, “income levels” and “crime rates” set a date range, and Full Extent Media Mapping can source all of the news articles from your Full Extent-equipped publication that qualify to that criteria, to be read and interacted with right there from the map.

Text-to-Map – the engine room of the Full Extent Media Mapping Portal – semantically analyses content, identifies places and locations and “geo-tags” each article rendering it discoverable from map-based searches. Articles so discovered can then be displayed in context on a map that can be easily customised and tailored to readers’ specific news requirements.

Media publishers can accommodate a wider audience without having to second-guess what each of their readers actually want. Customers get the access to news they want!

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