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IBM Web Experience Government Template

IBM Web Experience Government Template

Full Extent has developed one of the first public usage scenarios to leverage the new IBM Web Experience Government Template. Constituents increasingly expect to have 24×7 self-service access to information and processes from their government institutions. Government departments everywhere are coming to terms with the need to deliver these on-demand, online, in a way that meets the needs of a web-aware, social-enabled audience. IBM, with its Smarter Planet © initiative, is helping public sector departments develop citizen portals. Full Extent has built on that to bring spatial mapping capability to the offering.

The challenge with using maps in the context of portal and social business platforms, whilst also drawing on the sophisticated back-end spatial applications of platforms such as Esri, is one of disconnect. People who know how to make maps are often not expert in portals; people who manage and publish unstructured rich text content through the portal are unlikely to understand spatial technology too. Full Extent bridges this gap.

Full Extent allows publishers working with IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM Web Content Management to create maps that can be used as pieces content and managed in the same way as any other type of content. Using the semantic spatial analysis power of Full Extent Text-To-Map, and the map construction capabilities of Full Extent Geo-Publisher, non-technical users can create dynamic maps tailored to what their audiences need. These maps can then be managed within IBM WebSphere Portal. Full Extent has created a “map content” plug in for WCM which allows dynamically created maps to be subject to approval workflows, security, personalization, presentation and content lifecycle management in the same way as any document, image or other type of content.

By seamlessly combining this enhanced WCM functionality with the range of spatial solutions offered by Esri, Full Extent offers the most comprehensive managed publishing environment for both IBM and Esri customers. By leveraging the IBM Web Experience Government Template Full Extent has developed a citizen portal offering that puts government self-service offerings on the map! If you are an IBM Web Experience customer, then you really can now do more with maps!

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